Promising higher speeds and extreme reliability, 5G will be launched by the turn of the next decade, with a majority of its development being done in the next few years.  TAKE-5G project gathers the major industry players, SMEs and research institutions to work in following areas to design and prototype in several pilots the future 5G networks.

Networking virtualization and cloud technologies is expected to bring the cost saving typical of Cloud-based ICT to mobile networks once the technology matures à it is crucial for the Finnish industry and operators to be on the early learning curve. SDN technology is disruptive, so it is crucial to offer full interoperability with all legacy mobile technologies.

RAN cloudification radio access is major cost for operators and cloud might bring new benefits to RAN together wtith multiRAN support that create a cost effective RAN with smooth migration path for the operators.

Services that require network responsiveness and end user experience. The increase in speed is not sufficient for applications with low latency demands. End user applications require proper allocation of resources and processing capabilities to ensure QoE/QoE.

Cybersecurity, end to end security and trust in 5G There are significant security threats when 5G networks moved to the cloud and virtualization spans processing to virtual components. At the same time, the goal is an ultra-reliable network where legitimate services can not fail because of malicious action

Innovation and new business opportunities. 5G brings new technology advantages but proper techno economic analysis have to be performed to deliver sustainable benefits to end to end chain from manufacturers, operators, service and content providers.